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The Pakubuwono House

Location : Jakarta
Developer : PT Mandiri Eka Abadi

The Pakubuwono House is part of the Pakubuwono Development's housing complex that consist of apartment and townhouse.
Its landscape design is very unique due to its strategic location in between two roads which are Pakubuwono Street and Ophir Street.
The townhouse's perimeter along the roadside was designed beautifully with three design treatments.
The transparent fence was put in between Dypsis lutescens to provide security; line of small hills covered with the green grass of Axonopus compressus; and also Vernonia elliptica covering the strong and sturdy retaining wall.
Those three treatments are needed to provide privacy and security for the tenants and also public interest.
The drop-off area was designed to achieve comfortable and shady atmosphere just like home with the pergolas covered with purple flower of Petrea volubilis combined with shady Samanea saman tree placed on the flank of the entrance and in the center of the drop-off island.
A greenwall of Quiscalis indica creep on the 10 meters wall of the townhouse is also contribute to conserve the comfortable atmosphere inside the complex from outer traffic condition.
All those designs were even magnificent during the evening with the support of special lighting design."